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Motocross The Force
by Benoit Chaperot

A 3D off road motorcycle game

Motocross The Force, is a cool 3d off road motorcycle game currently being developed by Benoit Chaperot. The object of this game is simple: Make it past all the gates to complete the course in as short of a time as possible. At this point in development it does not have a whole lot of features, but what it does have; it does quite well. There is no sound or music, but the author tells me that these along with many other bells and whistles; will be added in later versions. There are five different dirt tracks of varying dificulties on which to race. You can even show your stuff by doing wheelies with this bike.
The game will run in either full screen or window mode.

Motocross uses either the keyboard or joypad.

Arrows: Accelerate, brake, turn left and right
W,S: Lean forward and back (QWERTY keyboard)
Joypad Left Stick: Turn left and right, lean forward and back
Joypad Right Stick: Accelerate, break
F2: Capture screen
F3: Reload script
F4: Render wireframe
F5: Change render mode
F6: Change camera mode
F7: Show FPS
Space: Pause

In manual camera mode use the mouse to move the camera
Press space to move the camera faster

Default options for screen mode, keyboard/paddle and terrain detail can be set by editing the file "config.lua" with your favorite text editor.

You are surely in for an enjoyable bumpy ride with this off-road game
Game Size: 4.34 Mb


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